Monday, July 29, 2019

Blogger Challenge #8

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Holla, gais! Apa khabar semuanya? Hehe. Nad nak teruskan Blogger Challenge yang kelapan iaitu "Something for your kids to know". Agak payah juga bila masuk part yang ni sebab nad tak kahwin lagi and then tak ada la anak lagi hahaha 😂 Tapi tak apa. Nad akan proceed juga part ni.

  1. I may not show that I love you but deep down in my heart, I really love you
  2. I may can't afford to spoilt you with wealth and fancy things but naa you're my precious one
  3. I may not expose you to technology such as mobile phone when you're little kid cause I know that you really need my attention and concern
  4. If I'm getting mad at you like a crazy people, please bear in your mind that I still love you
  5. If you're not so excellent in your studies, it's okay. I'll understand. Maybe you have some other hidden talents that you didn't notice yet
  6. I want you to study hard not because to get a better results. I want you at least to be an educated parent to your kids
  7. I may not be a good mother to you, a really good mother. But I'll try my best to raise you well
  8. If I'm too busy and doesn't have much time for you, don't worry. I did that for the sake of your future too eventhough money is not everything
  9. Please be a kind person, a good child to us,  your parents. And also have a good heart too
  10. If I die someday without having a chance to raise and see you growing, I'm really sorry. I already did my best to stay strong for you
Rasanya tu je la kot yang mampu nad fikir setakat ni. Tu pun rasanya macam dah banyak je. Thank you to those yang still baca Blogger Challenge yang nad tulis dari mula sampai sekarang ni. I'm really appreciate it ❤️

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